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Sara James on the Oscars

It’s Oscar time again and News Breakfast’s American in Oz Sara James takes a look at the main contenders.

 Australian Story

A Place For Us


Introduced by Terri Irwin


Award winning television journalist Sara James was living the dream as an anchor and foreign correspondent for American network NBC.


She’d lived in New York for fifteen years and reported from around the world including the war zones of Somalia, Sudan and in the Middle East.


Then she met and married another high flyer, Australian journalist Andrew Butcher, who worked closely with Rupert Murdoch as his corporate affairs manager.


But with the birth of their second daughter came a curve ball. Baby Jacqui didn’t cry and was having multiple seizures. ‘Your baby has a bad brain’ said the medical specialist. A nurse took Sara aside and said ‘they don’t always know you know. Your baby has bright eyes. Don’t give up.’


To the amazement of their friends, the Butchers abandoned Manhattan, scooped up their family and moved to the Macedon Ranges outside Melbourne.


There they embraced an entirely new way of life as they started to unlock the mysteries of Jacqui’s distressing and taxing condition.